The Open Floor Plan concept continues to be popular. A formal Dining Room is the space of the past typically unused by today’s busy families. Eliminating the extra walls can turn this formal space into usable dining area allowing an easy transition from kitchen to the table while conserving the charm of a formal dining.

Open floor plans in Kitchen, Dining and Living Rooms are imperative for busy families allowing family members to take care of various tasks without being entirely separated or in each others way. Children can keep busy and close while still allowing parents to keep a watchful eye and get the meals under way.

Opening a Great Room presents numerous benefits for families. This once formally enclosed space can become a spacious area ideal for accommodating family members on game nights, or can transition seamlessly into the center of the party when having house guests.

By incorporating and creating Open Plans, there is no longer any reason to limit your spaces to particular tasks. Your Home can become a seamless space where guests and hosts, parents and children can all interact without limitation.

By Published On: February 28th, 2020