Home Remodeling Team

Irene Designs, LLC has been a presence in the local market since 2006. Some of our team members have been with us since the very beginning, while the majority of the remaining members have dedicated at least several years to our company, contributing to our success.

We are a cohesive unit of skilled professionals who are passionate about their work. Each member brings their unique expertise and dedication to every project, collaborating harmoniously to ensure each endeavor is a resounding success. Our shared enthusiasm and commitment shine through the high-quality work we deliver, making our team a driving force in the remodeling industry.

We have established a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and adopting a distinctive, customized approach for every project we undertake. Our team remains attuned to our customers’ needs, skillfully transforming their ideas into bespoke designs.

Irene Designs, LLC has proudly maintained the prestigious annual customer service award from Houzz since 2015.

Contact us at (860) 791-6571 to discuss our various home remodeling services.

Irene Designs Home Remodeling Team in CT

Meet the Team

Irene Samson, Interior Designer

Irene Samson
Interior Designer

Gene Samson, Home Remodeling Manager

Gene Samson
General Manager

Fred Motolla, Office Manager

Fred Motolla
Office Manager

Walter Lomaga, Home Remodeling Contractor

Walter Lomaga

Denys Zelentsov, Home Remodeling Contractor

Denys Zelentsov

Raymond Sprague, Contractor

Raymond Sprague

David Steiner, Electrical Contractor

David Steiner
Electrical Contractor

David Robbin, Plumber

David Robbin

Sal Garofalo, Electrical Contractor

Sal Garofalo
Electrical Contractor

David Barcomb, Home Remodeling Contractor

David Barcomb
Painter, Minor Home Improvement

Vlad Popov, Carpentry, Tile Installation

Vlad Popov
Carpentry, Tile Installation

Andrey Akimov, Assistant Contractor

Andrey Akimov
Assistant Contractor