Irene Designs, LLC received Superior Customer Service honorable mention at Connecticut BBB’s Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on November 10, 2016.  The Superior Customer Service Award honors a business that demonstrates a daily commitment to providing excellent customer service and ethics in dealing with customers.

The award was presented at Connecticut BBB’s Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet in Aria of Prospect, CT.


On the photo:

Paulette Scarpetti, CT BBB President/SEO, presents the award to Irene Samson, the Owner of Irene Designs, LLC.


“I am honored to receive this Award.  Both Gene and I have been in remodeling business over 20 years following just one simple rule:

 Treat other people the way you yourself would like to be treated and don’t do things you don’t want to be done to you.

 One can never go wrong following just this rule of thumb.  This rule automatically includes all the rest: be polite, be on time, treat customers and your team members with respect, provide quality work, protect customer’s home, clean after the end of the day, keep your promise, maintain good communication, take responsibilities for your mistakes, etc. The list can go on and on. But whatever else comes up, is just yet another manifestation of the above.”

                                                                                                                                                      /Irene Samson/

By Published On: December 7th, 2016