Remodeling Process & Approach

At Irene Designs, we developed our six step unique approach. You might not need all of the steps. It is for you to decide the extent of our services. Here is how it works.

Step 1

Defining Remodeling Goals Using Your “Dislikes” and “Desires”

Our journey begins with a comprehensive conversation about your project. We aim to understand every facet of your vision, starting with what you’re dissatisfied with in your current space and what your aspirations are. We’ll delve into your preferences and style, as well as your anticipated timeline and budget.

To truly grasp your design aspirations, we invite you to share images of spaces that resonate with your vision. This collaborative dialogue serves as the foundation for crafting a customized and exceptional design that aligns perfectly with your desires.

In addition, we will conduct a meticulous analysis of your existing space, exploring opportunities for potential enhancements.

Before Home Remodel


Before Home Remodeling


Home Remodeling Wishlist

Step 2

Preliminary Plans and Drawings

Our process involves crafting a scaled floor plan and a 3D model of your current space. From there, we will generate multiple conceptual plans, all tailored to align with your “Wish List.” Each of these design options will be presented in immersive 3D, offering you a vivid visualization of the possibilities. We’ll provide you with access to view our 360 designs on your computer or mobile device for your convenience.

Even if you already have a clear vision of the direction you’d like to take, we’ll meticulously translate your ideas into 3D drawings. This ensures that we are in complete alignment with your vision, leaving no room for uncertainty. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our 3D designs are a valuable tool to achieve that goal.

Kitchen Remodeling Plan
Home Remodeling Project Steps
Home Remodeling Plans

Step 3

Final Construction Documents

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us. After presenting the design options, we’ll eagerly seek your input. Feel free to cherry-pick elements you love from different plans, and we’ll skillfully weave them together into a cohesive final design that captures your vision perfectly.

The next step involves crafting electrical and lighting layouts, thoughtfully tailored to scaled layouts of furniture and cabinets. This meticulous approach ensures that every light fixture and outlet finds its ideal placement, enhancing functionality and aesthetics.

Once you’re delighted with your final design, we’ll dive into the finer details for pricing. You’ll receive a comprehensive, itemized estimate based on the precise scope of work meticulously outlined in the plans and drawings. Clarity and transparency are our guiding principles as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Home Remodel Plans
Home Remodeling Blueprint
Kitchen Remodeling Plans

Step 4

Assistance on Material Selections and Pulling a Permit

Our detailed drawings are all set to obtain the necessary permits from the Town. Simultaneously, it’s time to embark on the exciting journey of selecting cabinetry, finish materials, fixtures, and appliances.

In this regard, our design assistance is a pivotal component of our service. We are here to guide you through the multitude of options available in the market, providing valuable insights and addressing any questions you may have. Rest assured, our close relationships with suppliers keep us abreast of the latest offerings in the marketplace.

It’s important to note that you are under no obligation to make your purchases through us. If you have preferred vendors of your own, we are more than happy to collaborate with you in making coordinated choices, ensuring that your design vision is realized seamlessly. Your satisfaction and peace of mind remain our top priorities throughout this process.

CT Building Permit
Remodeling Color Selection
Remodeling Materials Selection

Step 5


We’ve got a skilled team of professionals from various trades to handle all your remodeling needs. These are the same contractors who have been collaborating with us for years and have earned our trust. They’ll closely follow the design you’ve approved.

Rest assured, our contractors will treat your home as if it were their own, delivering top-notch service promptly. Our primary goal is to minimize your stress and ensure your satisfaction with the final project.

We take charge of coordinating the entire process and providing you with clear guidance throughout the renovation journey. You’ll stay informed about each upcoming step and any actions you need to take. Our designer will continue to assist you with product selections, and we’ll oversee deliveries and installations.

Additionally, we conduct ongoing design monitoring during construction to maintain the quality and integrity of the design. Irene collaborates closely with the contractors, offering additional guidance and drawings if necessary. In the event of unexpected situations, you won’t be left alone to make important decisions in unfamiliar territory. Any changes to the original concept will be handled in coordination with the designer. This commitment truly sets us apart from other remodeling companies.

Kitchen Countertop Installation
Home Remodeling Consultant
Kitchen Remodeling Consultant CT

Step 6

Celebrating Life

Our ultimate goal is for you to revel in your new space for years to come. We wish for you to take pride in your home and feel content with the investment you’ve made.

It’s heartwarming to note that many of our past clients return to us for their subsequent remodeling projects. We sincerely hope that you’ll become one of them, building a lasting partnership with us as your trusted remodeling partner.

Newly Remodeled Kitchen


New Remodeled Kitchen CT


Kitchen Remodeling Project